Top 5 Action Video Cameras Reviewed

Top 5 Action Video Cameras Reviewed


Whether you’re a hiker, a biker or an extreme sports enthusiast, you want to be able to share the excitement and thrill of your favorite activity without taking a break from the action. An action camera is designed to do just that by allowing you to capture footage from your point of view in the midst of whatever adventure you find yourself in. While GoPro was the camera brand that pioneered this concept, there are now many action camera options available, giving you more choices than ever.

  1. iON Air Pro Lite WIFI Sports Action Camera – As the least expensive of these five reviewed action cameras, the iON Air Pro Lite is a great entry-level option for those who are new to the world of action videography or who will only be using their cameras infrequently. The waterproof camera records video at 1920 x 1080 resolution in two different formats, but it does have a narrower angle of view than some of its competitors, making shots look small and distant.

 iON Air Pro Lite WIFI Sports Action Camera 

  1. Sony HDRAS20/B Action Video Camera – For its low price, the Sony HDRAS20/B Action Video Camera has a number of handy features and is light in weight; however, additional accessories are required in order to be able to use some of them, like the built-in stereo microphones to the fullest. Video footage taken with this camera will be most impressive when viewed in small sizes, such as on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. If you only plan to share videos using these type of sites, this model may be more than sufficient for your needs.

 Sony HDRAS20/B Action Video Camera

  1. Polaroid XS100i Wi-Fi Extreme Edition HD 1080p 16MP Waterproof Sports Action Video Camera – A slight step up in price from the previous two models, the Polaroid XS100i Wi-Fi Extreme Edition HD includes some enhanced features, while still selling for less than competitors. The camera has a wide angle lens and a unique low-light sensor that helps to maintain picture quality even in lower lighting conditions. One unique feature is that you can adjust the frame rate to suit the slow or fast action. A complete mounting kit is included with this camera, which is also convenient.

 Polaroid XS100i Wi-Fi Extreme Edition HD 1080p 16MP Waterproof Sports Action Video Camera

  1. GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition – Designed to meet the needs of beginners and more seasoned videographers alike, the GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition offers superior video quality and has a wide angle lens that captures more of the action than options at lower price points. Videos taken with this camera will look great in all sizes, and the audio quality possible with this model is equally impressive. A number of accessories can be purchased to enhance the use of the camera, but the GoPro HERO3+ is impressive even without them.

 GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition

  1. GoPro HERO4 SILVER – The GoPro HERO4 SILVER has all of the features of the GoPro HERO 3+ as well as some new technological advancements. Although it’s the most expensive of the reviewed cameras, the ease of use provided by its touchscreen and its extra resolution and frame rate option make it by far the best option for more advanced users who want to take their videos to the next level.


While the features of these action cameras vary greatly from model to model, any one of them will give you the ability to share moments from your favorite activities with friends, family and the world at large. Ultimately, you’ll need to determine what your budget is, how often you’re likely to use the camera, what special features you require and what picture quality you desire to choose the right action camera for your needs. Explore all five of these cameras further to find the best model to take with you on your next adventure.

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