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Munich Germany


Munich is the capital city of Bavaria, which is a state in Germany. Munich is also the largest city in the state. Therefore, you can definitely find attractions to see or do while you are there. Every tourist will likely come across the Marienplatz, which is like a huge town square in the center of Munich. While at the square, you can explore a plethora of historic buildings, landmarks and churches. You will even find one feature called the Marian Column, which contains a golden statue of the Virgin Mary on the top of it. You will certainly get a sense of the religious culture while exploring Munich. But whether you are a Catholic or not, the architecture and historical significance is still worth the visit. You will realize this when you see the Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady, which is a landmark in Munich and its largest church. The cathedral can be recognized by its twin towers that can be seen from afar. If you go to the top of the towers, you can view the cityscape of Munich and even the Bavarian Alps in the distance. For this reason alone, you should check out the cathedral.

The English Garden in Munich is a place for everybody. It is the city’s largest park, and even bigger than New York’s Central Park. Not only does the park contain trees and exotic forestry that you can walk through, but it also contains a number of waterways you can ride on. Visitors can rent a paddle boat and simply relax as the current takes them through the most beautiful sections of the park on the waterways. Now if you want to see something more culturally significant to Munich, make a visit to the Residence Palace of Munich. This used to be the royal palace that belonged to the Bavarian monarchs of southern Germany. Today it is a museum that displays exhibits and items that were collected at the residence over the last 600 years of its existence. Visitors can see its courtyards, gardens, art, antique furniture, Renaissance tapestries and more.

After you are done exploring and adventuring through the city, you can visit the Hofbrauhaus and have a beer. This establishment is Germany’s most famous beer hall, which is basically a custom brewery integrated with an open pub. The beer here tastes better than any beer you would find at your local pub. Hofbrauhaus also plays oompah music for their guests as well.

German food and beer

German food and beer

Talking about beer, Munich every year hosts the world famous Oktoberfest, when the city fills with numerous tourists coming to drink and celebrate for several days. During Oktoberfest, you will find many different tents with large tables, where people talk, drink, celebrate and, later in the day (and after a few drops too many generally), dance. The atmosphere is fabulous, but you have to enjoy crowds and not be sensitive to people around you getting quite drunk!

Last but not least, you can also find some of the best German food in Munich. Schnitzel, potato salad, sausages, and, of course, beer. Make sure that you plan your trip well in advance, especially if you want to travel around Oktoberfest time (late September or early October). And you will be glad to know that, whilst quite far away from the city centre, Munich airport is one of the most modern and functional in the world.

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