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7 Oct 2015

6 Tips for Being a Good Guest

One of the best ways to understand life from another person’s perspective is to live in their home for a while. When someone invites you into their home they invite you into their most sacred of spaces,
6 Oct 2015

5 Ways to Minimize Impact on the Planet as a Traveler

Whenever we travel we are likely to have some impact on the planet; whether moving by car, plane, or train we leave something of a footprint. It is difficult to go through life without feeling that you
23 Jun 2015

Tips for Saving Money on Trains in Europe

Trains are one of the best ways of travelling throughout Europe. A ride on a train will take you through the beautiful countryside and will be much more comfortable and spacious than a bus. Also, let’s face
3 Jun 2014

Top 7 Things You Need to Travel the World

(And One Thing You Can Do Without) It can be thrilling, terrifying, and awe-inspiring to travel the world, sometimes all at once  — whether backpacking or traveling extravagantly. To make any trip the best it can be,
2 Jun 2014

The Absolute Cheapest Way to Travel

Just thinking about travel can make us start worrying about our wallets. Yes, it’s easy to rack up expenses while traveling, but in fact it’s not as difficult as you might think to find a cheap way to travel.
2 Jun 2014

The Cheapest Days to Fly – What You Need to Know

You’ve got the guidebooks, you’ve got the wanderlust: now all you need is the plane ticket! We all know that the process of buying a ticket can be exhausting, though—which days are the cheapest days to fly?
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