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17 Sep 2015

How to Prepare for a Trip to Europe

Are you planning to visit London, Berlin, Paris or the like and are struggling to determine the best way to begin organizing your tip? This guide will go over some of the things you will want to
10 Jul 2015

Strange and Quirky Museums in Europe

We’ve all heard of the famous museums of Europe, such as the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum in London and the Borghese Gallery in Rome. But what about the stranger museums that Europe has to offer?
10 Jul 2015

Five Great Day Trips from Paris

The city of Paris is so packed with history, culture, art, architecture and delicious cuisine that you could spend months exploring it and still not see everything. However, during your travels in Paris it is also worth
23 Jun 2015

The Best Small Villages in Europe

The big cities of Europe, such as Paris, Rome, Berlin, London, have a lot to offer. They boast enormous art galleries, iconic famous attractions, fantastic shopping and plenty to see and do. However, in your travels around
11 May 2015

What to Do in Budapest

Budapest is known as the “Paris of the East” and it offers gorgeous architecture, plenty of great museums and art galleries, elegant cafes, great pubs and restaurants and much more. There is so much to see and
11 Mar 2015

Munich: Sightseeing, History, Parks, Food and Beer

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria, which is a state in Germany. Munich is also the largest city in the state. Therefore, you can definitely find attractions to see or do while you are there. Every
4 Feb 2015

The Best of Austrian Food: Wiener Schnitzel, Palatschinken and More

Austrian food and cuisine have been influenced historically by its surrounding European nations like Germany, Hungary, Italy and Bohemia. But if you ask any local what the best of Austrian food is, they will likely tell you it’s the
21 Jan 2015

5 Fascinating Cities You May Never Have Heard Of

The smaller, second tier cities of Europe do not normally get as much recognition as the larger ones. People outside the countries they are in have usually not heard of them, which seems unfair as many of
21 Jan 2015

The 5 Top Things to Do in Bratislava

The capital city of Bratislava is located in the central European country of Slovakia. If you are planning a trip to Bratislava, whether as a tourist or nomad, then you should be aware of 5 great attractions
15 Jan 2015

What to Know about German Food

Bratwurst, beer, and sauerkraut are probably the first things to come to mind—and rumble your belly—when you think of delectable German food and cuisine. These are some seriously delicious German staples, sure, but there are many, many
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