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24 Jul 2014

How to Travel from Barcelona to Granada

[wp_ad_camp_1] Granada is one of the most visited provinces in Spain. It is a major tourist site owing to the many hills and the prestigious view of the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, Granada has an amazing transport system.
23 Jul 2014

Three Ways to Travel from Barcelona to Madrid

Madrid is the biggest and capital city of Spain.  If you’re doing a tour around Spain and you’re in Barcelona and looking to head over to Madrid, you’ve got some options.  From Barcelona to Madrid is roughly
23 Jul 2014

How to Get from Seville to Granada

Spain is famous for many things — its food, culture, and popular cities like Madrid and Barcelona — but you should look into visiting Granada.  Granada is a city and the capital of the province of Andalusia,
16 Jul 2014

How to Get from Barcelona to Montserrat

Going from Barcelona to Montserrat can make a great day trip.  Montserrat is one of the multiple ranges situated close to the city of Barcelona; Catalonia. The name itself means the “jagged mountain” or the holy mountain.
15 Jul 2014

How to Get from Madrid to Toledo

If you’re looking to get from Madrid to Toledo, there are a couple different ways to do so.  A UNESCO World Heritage site, Toledo is a popular destination in Spain with its exquisite combination of Roman, Visigothic
15 Jul 2014

The Madrid to Lisbon Train – Everything You Need to Know

There is only one train that goes from Madrid to Lisbon directly, the night train Lusitania Trenhotel. This train leaves from Madrid Chamartin Station at 21:50 everyday and arrives at Lisbon Oriente Station at 7:20am next day,
9 Jul 2014

All About the Madrid to Seville Train

Taking the Madrid to Seville train is the best option when considering travel time and comfort. Trains depart at Madrid-Atocha Station and arrives at Sevilla-Santa Justa Station in 2 ½ up to 3 hours, depending on the
9 Jul 2014

How to Get From Madrid to Seville

Seville, or Sevilla in Spanish, is one of the popular city destinations for in Spain. It’s known for the famous Moorish palace, The Real Alcazar and the third largest cathedral in Spain. Apart from that, Seville has
13 Jun 2014

Taking the London to Paris Train

After centuries of taking ferries and horse-drawn carriages between two world capitals, all that separates Big Ben from the Eiffel Tower now is a relatively quick and painless train trip. Plans to connect the two cities via
12 Jun 2014

The Train from Dublin to London – What You Need to Know

London is the current capital of England and the U.K. It stands on the banks of Thames river. It also happens to be one of the world’s business financial and cultural centers. If you’re trying to take
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