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15 Dec 2015

How to Find Love While Backpacking Through Europe

One of the main reasons backpackers love travelling around the world is meeting new people and finding new friends Backpacking through Europe or other continents indeed is a culturally rich and also a very sociable experience, as
5 Oct 2015

How To Plan A Camping Trip

A camping trip can be a great way to spend the weekend, or take a longer vacation for less money, all in the great outdoors. Some people prefer a camping trip to any other sort because of
27 Jun 2015

Backpacking Checklist-What Every Backpacker Needs for Backpacking

Late spring and early summer are probably the best time when hikers and backpackers start their journeys. In order to be completely ready we’ll give them, and you of course,  some advice on how to  set up
6 May 2015

Reasons Not to Take Wheeled Luggage in Europe

When it comes to planning your trip to Europe there are a lot of details to think about, such as outlining your travel budget, booking your flights and deciding where to stay. One of the big decisions
14 Jan 2015

Tips to Plan your Backpacking In Europe Trip

Are you thinking about going backpacking in Europe? Instead of just grabbing your backpack and hopping on the first plane out to a random European country, it’s worth your while planning a little bit ahead and figure
3 Jun 2014

Where Can I Exchange Currency?

Money is a big concern when traveling. We hear many currency-related questions from upcoming travelers: How much cash should I bring? Will my credit card/debit card work overseas? Where can I exchange currency? It’s good to ask
3 Jun 2014

How to Travel the World For Free

Travel the world for free. Sounds like it’s too good to be true, right? Don’t we all just want to pack some bare necessities in a bag, hop on a bus, train, or plane, and see the
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