Backpacking Checklist-What Every Backpacker Needs for Backpacking

Late spring and early summer are probably the best time when hikers and backpackers start their journeys. In order to be completely ready we’ll give them, and you of course,  some advice on how to  set up your backpacking checklist and what to pack in your backpack in order to be prepared for many situations that you will face during the journey.


A Lighter

Even if you are not a smoker, a lighter is one of the most important items you should have in your backpack. Why? Whenever you go to backpack and plan to set up a tent for an overnight rest, a nice fire is always a bonus, and lots better and easier than rubbing sticks. Unless you want to play it the Bear Grylls Survival way of course….


A Torch

There is no need to tell the benefits of having a torch on your backpacking checklist. If you are a night owl and instead of sleeping by the fire, want to hike overnight, it’s a must. The stars are unlikely to be good enough at guiding you, and you will barely find any streetlights in the countryside!


Pocket knife and tools

It’s a basic backpacking tool kit. A piece of gear that will always helps you in various situations like cutting the rope, food preparation, first aid and many more.  You don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a durable, high-quality pocket knife for camping and backpacking. Something well under $100 should do just fine.



In case that you find yourself alone and need help, a whistle is always a great tool to have on your backpacking checklist. Blowing the whistle will reveal from where the sound comes and your friends or emergency help could find you much faster. Like all tools this also has a bad side. If you are somewhere in the mountain, a metal whistle with a pea could turn out to be useless. Your  “pea” can freeze up and this becomes worthless. Better choice is to buy a plastic one, you will not spend over 10$ for this.



Maybe the most important one. When you decide which mountain to climb or which area you want to hike in, you will always want to know where is the North or South.  Having some basic geography  knowledge is also a plus,  as a map and a compass combined will always come handy. It’s lightweight, and doesn’t take too much space in your backpack. So, never forget to bring it when you plan a backpacking trip.


Create your backpacking checklist, include every one of those  items in it and you will never have problems during your journey.  Do you ever think of backpacking in Europe? Take a look at why it could be an unforgettable journey for you.

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