Discover the AMPL SmartBackpack – Never Run out of Batteries Anymore!

We were so impressed with this innovation that we thought we would present it here straight away: the AMPL SmartBackpack is a prototype of a backpack which allows you to carry AND charge your laptop, phone or tablet batteries whilst on-the-go. You can also access USB ports in every pocket. And if you forget your backpack somewhere, you will get a reminder on your phone. Whilst only suitable for the urban backpacker or for shorter trips, the AMPL SmartBackpack will address what has become a real issue for many businesspeople and frequent travellers.

The project is being presented on Indiegogo in order to raise the funds needed for production. The inventor, Michael Patton, is looking for at least 125,000 USD, and has already raised more than 100,000 USD in just a few days. This promises to be a real success.

By contributing via Indiegogo, you can also pre-order the AMPL SmartBackpack at a discount.

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