How to Find Love While Backpacking Through Europe

One of the main reasons backpackers love travelling around the world is meeting new people and finding new friends Backpacking through Europe or other continents indeed is a culturally rich and also a very sociable experience, as

5 Best Digital Cameras for Travelling

Amazing adventures make for amazing photographs. Since the early days of cameras the traveller has always been torn between keeping their pack light, and bringing along mega-equipment. The camera is no different, and often weight and size

6 Tips for Being a Good Guest

One of the best ways to understand life from another person’s perspective is to live in their home for a while. When someone invites you into their home they invite you into their most sacred of spaces,

5 Ways to Minimize Impact on the Planet as a Traveler

Whenever we travel we are likely to have some impact on the planet; whether moving by car, plane, or train we leave something of a footprint. It is difficult to go through life without feeling that you

How To Plan A Camping Trip

A camping trip can be a great way to spend the weekend, or take a longer vacation for less money, all in the great outdoors. Some people prefer a camping trip to any other sort because of

How to Prepare for a Trip to Europe

Are you planning to visit London, Berlin, Paris or the like and are struggling to determine the best way to begin organizing your tip? This guide will go over some of the things you will want to

Cheap Flights to Europe

Are you planning a trip and looking for cheap flights to Europe? Well, there’s no surprise there. Oftentimes, purchasing a flight can be the most expensive component of planning a trip or vacation. There are a number

Strange and Quirky Museums in Europe

We’ve all heard of the famous museums of Europe, such as the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum in London and the Borghese Gallery in Rome. But what about the stranger museums that Europe has to offer?

Five Great Day Trips from Paris

The city of Paris is so packed with history, culture, art, architecture and delicious cuisine that you could spend months exploring it and still not see everything. However, during your travels in Paris it is also worth

Best Boots for Backpacking

In order to help you with your backpacking gear, we will present some of the best boots for backpacking.  Besides the backpack, boots are probably one of the most important parts of your gear. They need to
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